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I love Danielle Haim

I have not looked at tumblr or anything to do with HAIM since I saw them in Seattle. I talked to Danielle and Alana and Este after the show, made an idiot of myself and went home. Maybe it’s because I’m busy, maybe it’s because I have a persistent cold or bronchitis or something, or maybe it’s because I got scared.
Seeing Danielle that night, I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t think I am capable of grasping such perfection and I know it, so I stay away.
I’m glad in a way that the audio mix at the Seattle show was completely wrong. You could hardly hear Danielle’s guitar during My Song 5, and maybe that was a good thing. Watching Danielle Haim play guitar is just the single greatest thing you can experience. Maybe Danielle is too much for me. I love Danielle Haim. I love what she does.
I am a like a tiny ant trying to understand how majestic the whole universe is and realizing I don’t have a brain big enough to do it.

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