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Anonymous asked:

okay i really have loved and still love hey lover, but tbh i don't really get those words "I’ll never tell her when she plays a song I never heardbecause I always learn the music and forget the wordsbut I want to ride with her, and I wish I sung that wellJust copy, paste, Google-search, and send it to myself "


I mean, I interpret that verse as being about those moments when you’re with someone you’re absolutely crazy about, would give anything to spend time with, are always in awe of, and ONCE AGAIN they’re better than you at something. But you’re too proud to admit that they’ve beaten you shamelessly (and how cheesy would it be to compliment them?) so you kinda cheat at this thing you’re experiencing and you try to keep pace with them but secretly you’re so fucking in awe of how talented and incredible they are at everything without even trying and you want to resent their skill and how effortlessly good at this stupid shit they are but you take a step back and appreciate that you’ve fallen deeply, hopelessly in love with a person so talented that you can only hope to keep pace with them

it’s almost like, in the midst of how fallible and flawed you see yourself as, they’re there to fill out those anxieties and make you realize that there are life experiences that make going on bearable. you can be at peace with being shitty at things 


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